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Lushootseed Fonts and Keyboard



Lushootseed Unicode Keyboard Map

Lushoootseed Keyboard Map - PDF

Why Unicode? Unicode allows you to send e-mails to people and post things on the internet, without people having to have the font on their computers.    Keyboards CAN NOT translate!  In other words, you can not type something in English and expect to get Lushootseed out.

This map and the two available keyboards are for use with fully Unicode fonts. Older font’s may not display all characters properly. The keyboard was primarily designed for use with the Lushootseed School and Lushootseed Sulad fonts. Both were designed for the Tulalip Lushootseed Department of the Tulalip Tribes of Washington.

This Keyboard is from Tavultesoft, it was developed with the Tulalip Tribes. Free trials are available; the light version should work for almost everybody.   Setting up Tavultesoft Keyman Lushootseed Unicode Keyboard.pdf

The same keyboard layout works with two additional keyboard programs, one for Windows and the other Mac are free, but offer less features. They are both available for download from the Tulalip Lushootseed website along with the fonts.

Windows Unicode Lushootseed Keyboard - Zip File
Installing the MS Lushootseed Unicode Keyboard.pdf

Mac Unicode Lushootseed Keyboard - Zip File
Installing the Mac Lushootseed Unicode Keyboard.pdf

Lushootseed School - Font

LushootseedSulad - Font

TulalipLushootseed2 - Font
This font is non-Unicode, it does not require a separate Keyboard program to type it, but if you type an email or send the document to someone they NEED the font on their computer to see it correctly.     If they do not have the font it will appear as gibberish.



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