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Natosha Gobin



“Motivation for my hard work comes from many different people, but four special people in particular.  Although some have passed, I am still motivated by their encouraging words, and the work they had done to keep our language alive.  My grandpa Bernie
kai–kai had encouraging words every time that I would see him.  He let me know how proud he is of me and what I do~ and that still means everything to me.

My Grandma Elsie took part in passing the language on to her family and community members, work that I have now experienced and have great respect for.  Jerry dxʷsq̓ius Jones always let us teachers know how important we were to him and our community.  He let us know that no matter how hard it may be to continue our work and get the language into every home and at every event, we were meant to do the work.  Every morning he would give us praise, and every morning it meant the world to us to hear his words.
Te-at-mus is always by our side, preaching to the community of our hard work.  He has attended every language camp and has his special time with the children during circle to work on traditional teachings.”

Tosha Gobin
Language Teacher 1A
(360) 716-4499


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