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David Sienko



I began working for the Tulalip Lushootseed Department in October 2005.    I came to the dxʷləšucidbitəgʷəl, after working in the broadcast industry for nearly 30 years, first as an engineer then as a reporter.   I am married with five children between my wife, Laura, and myself.    Most are in the entertainment production business.

I had the opportunity to travel to Japan when I was in high school and spent the summer of 1978 in and around Nagoya Japan, in the towns of Toyoake and Toyota (yes, the name was changed to reflect the town's main employer).   Before and after this exchange opportunity ,I studied Japanese.

I have a Bachelors degree in Journalism and East Asian Studies, from Western Washington University.   I spent more than a year in east Asia after receiving a scholarship to attended Beijing Foreign Studies University in Beijing, China.   While there I completed my fourth year of Chinese language studies and had the opportunity to travel throughout the country, primarily in remote and minority areas.    While exiting China, I traveled through Pakistan.

Needless to say, I have a love of languages and varying cultures. 

David Sienko
Lushootseed Media Developer
(360) 716-4505

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