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Small Animals


In Lushootseed, animals are divided into several categories.  Animals whose natural habitat is in the water are called tiʔiʔiɬ kʷi ʔišil or "those who swim.  Birds or "those having wings" are called tiʔiʔiɬ ʔabstəblax̌ad.
The traditional names for categories of living things other than plants are as follows:   Small wild animals (mammals), are those wolf size or smaller are called titčulbixʷ.  Large wild animals (mammals), are those bigger than a wolf and are called tatačulbix.   Generally, wild animals that are used as food are called tatačulbix.

Large animals (mammals), are those bigger than a wolf and are called tatačulbixʷ.

Grizzly - stəbtabəl̕ Black Bear - sčətxʷəd Deer - sqigʷəc Moose - stulc̓əʔ Elk - kʷagʷičəd
Cougar - swəwaʔ Horse - stiqiw Cow - qʷist Sheep - labatu Dog - sqʷəbayʔ

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