These are the Lushootseed phrases contained in Tulalip Matters for the week of June 18th, 2012. You can watch a video of the this week's phrases here.

bəčad čəd ti səxʷc̓ix̌alikʷ ʔal ti hudali.

I put the frying pan on the stove.

hudud čəd ti səxʷc̓ix̌alikʷ.

I warm the frying pan.

k̓ʷəɬəd čəd ti sx̌ʷəs.

I pour the oil.

bəčad čəd ti spiqʷuc dxʷʔal ti səxʷc̓ix̌alikʷ.

I put the potatoes in the frying pan.

bəčad means ”put down”,  k̓ʷəɬəd means ”pour”,  səxʷc̓ix̌alikʷ is a ”frying pan”,   hudali is a “stove”  and sx̌ʷəs is “oil or grease”.    

Each phrase is said in Lushootseed, then English, and then repeated in Lushootseed three times, with a pause in between, giving people time to repeat the phrase.

If you have a microphone attached to your computer you can also record your voice and compare it to the native speakers.   You will need to press the record button once to activate the function, and then again to record.   You can record as many times as you like once the function is activated.   This function requires Sun's Java.   Once you record a sound, you can save it to your hard drive.